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Instructions System
Instructions System

Contained Data

  • Sowing
    • Season start / end dates (regionally specific)
    • Spacing
    • Depth
    • Compost quantity
    • Initial watering
  • Monitoring
    • Typical area / height occupied over time
    • Harvest season start / end dates (regionally specific)

Possible forms

May take the form of a properties file with various expected values or perhaps a simple language.

  • Properties file option
    • Simpler to understand and adjust.
    • Procedures (e.g. plough techniques) need to be defined elsewhere.
  • Language file option
    • Allows more innovation.
    • Monolithic grow file containing all procedures (e.g. plough techniques).
    • Separate included files containing procedures.
    • At what point to the instructions become machine specific?


The instructions are compiled into tool paths specific to the plot that the work is to be carried out on by the robot.