Samiad Designs

keep it simple


In the Cede system a simple wooden rail is built on the land to be cultivated for the robot to move around on. By using a rail rather than a free roaming robot we can greatly reduce the complexity of the machine.

It is an important consideration in the design that the rail must be simple and cheap to build to ensure that the amount of land cultivated by a robot can be scaled up at very little cost. For this reason all of the complex mechanics and electronics are contained within the robot itself allowing the rail to be nothing more than a simple plank of wood.

At one end of the rail is the shed. This is where the robot goes when it is idle or it requires resources such as water, compost or seeds.

The Rail

  • Position markings
  • Automatic exploration

The Shed

  • This is where the robot lives when it has nothing to do.
  • Charges robot batteries.
  • Stores water.
  • Stores seeds.